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What is The YOSS Platform?

A K-12 Cloud-based, enterprise HR, Finance, and Payroll Software designed to solve problems, increase efficiencies, and give freedom to your organization!

Why are school districts rapidly adopting YOSS?

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  • Simplicity & Ease-of-Use: Designed with user-friendly interfaces, The YOSS Platform makes navigating HR, Finance, and Payroll tasks effortless.


  • Centralized Data Repository: Say goodbye to managing multiple platforms. Our integrated system brings all your financial, HR, and payroll needs into one central hub.


  • ERP Partnerships: We seamlessly partner with popular ERPs like PC Genesis, ensuring that you have all the tools you need without the hassle.


  • Cloud-Based System: Benefit from the flexibility and security of a cloud-based platform, accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • Unrivaled Customer Service: Districts across Georgia are rapidly adopting The YOSS Platform, thanks in large part to our customer-focused approach that sets us apart from the competition.

Ready to learn more? Book a demo above!

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