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Real Stories, Real Impact. Read YOSS Customer Stories below. 

What sets The YOSS Team apart is the people and the team you’ve assembled... The willingness that your company has to work with people and work through the problems and not just go, ‘Hey, here’s our platform, take it or leave it" - Klinton Guess, CFO

We’re really excited to use [YOSS] as [our] one-stop shop... If you ask most employees, they’re like, ‘Thank you’! Having to enter into different applications and doing different things in different spaces was a lot to ask of them. - Nicole Cross, CFO


If we’re going to be honest, we saved money on not having to hire additional staff that we would have to hire if we had not invested in YOSS. This translates to YOSS essentially saving the district probably $150,000 in salary and benefits. - Liz Walker, Assistant Superintendent of Finance

The customer support through implementation and afterward has been exemplary. I’ve never worked with a program that matches YOSS in terms of support and efficiency. - Lisa McCallister, Assistant Superintendent

Leading Thoughts: Insights from YOSS


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