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Securely Operating in the Cloud

The YOSS Platform is housed in the cloud using modern infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides a secure, robust, and resilient cloud infrastructure on which The YOSS Platform functions.
Be confident knowing your staff’s data is secure. All data housed within The YOSS Platform is monitored around the clock and is stored in encrypted, redundant, US based datacenters. Your data is encrypted in transit and in rest.
Our servers and databases are located on private subnets and are only accessible via the internet via load balancers on the public subnet.
Strategic backup strategies are also provided by AWS and are regular, redundant, and tested.

Partnering with Professionals

We believe in the power of collaboration. In addition to OneSource’s exhaustive team of professionals, our firm engages with third-party, independent cybersecurity professionals who regularly consult, test, and implement industry leading cybersecurity processes. This third-party team conducts at least annual penetration testing and provides training to our team.
This training not only includes resources for development, but general security training for all OneSource team members including phishing exercises and regular cybersecurity training.

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